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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Metal Polish Liquid


A general purpose metal cleaning polish that displays considerable emulsification and structure building properties afforded by Crodacid B.  Metal polish emulsions prepared with Cordacid B are stiffer and have better storage stability than formulations prepared with stearic acid.  The combination of Crodacis B and Crodafos N-2E provided excellent suspension of abrasives thus avoiding hard packing, which can sometimes occur in formulations of this type.

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% Weight





Crodafos N-3E


Crodacid B


Isopar L


Kapolite 1168


Fragrance, dye, preservative


[ See ingredients informations ]

Viscosity at 250C:  250 cps


Add the TEA to water in vessel 1 and heat tp 60 – 65 oC.  In a separate vessel 2, blend the next 3 items and heat with agitation to 60 – 65 oC.  Add the vessel 2 to vessel 1 with mixing.  Continue mixing until the temperature is below 45oC.  Add remaining items.  Blend until smooth and the Kaopolite is uniformly dispersed. 

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