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Friday, April 27, 2012

Non-Scratching Liquid Abrasive Cleaner


Is a liquid abrasive cleaner that is capable of removing difficult residues without causing surface scratching.  This non-scratching surface abrasion is accomplished with a fine-grit grade calcium carbonate.

% Weight
Soft Water, 25oC
Carbopol 676
Caustic Soda, 50% Liquid
q.s. to pH 11
Incromide CA
Calcium Carbonate, 50 micron
Fragrance Dye

[See other abrasive cleaner]

Appearance:  Opaque liquid
pH (as is): 11.0
Viscosity@25oC(RVT, No. 4, 20 rpm): 9,000 cps.
Weight per Gallon:  9 lbs.

[Formulations with calcium carbonate:  Liquid Cleanser With Bleach, Ceramic-Glass Cooktop Cleaner]

Charge vessel with water and begin agitation.  Disperse or screen Carbopol into water.  Continue mixing until Carbopol is fully dispersed.  Add caustic soda to pH target.  Add remaining ingredients and mix until homogenous.

Incromide CA is an effective detergent and emulsifier.  In combination with Carbopol 676, Incromide CA helps keep the abrasive particles well suspended in the emulsion.

Ingredients Link:
 Caustic Soda (sodium hydroxide)
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