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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hydrocloric acid alternative for concrete remover formulations.


Glycolic acid is an alternative to the more corrosive phosphoric acid and hydrochloric acid in concrete remover formulations.  Glycolic acid has high solubility and small molecular size allow it to penetrate deep inside concrete residues and react from within. Biodegradable glucolic acid is easier to dispose than phosphoric acid and hydrocloric acid.

[See phosphoric acid based cement remover formulation - Cement Remover Strong Acidic]

Since glycolic acid is less corrosive, it can be used on most metal, painted, and plastic surfaces without concern for etching or damage.  It is also an ideal cleaner for maintenance tools, equipment and vehicles.

         Formulations With Hydrochloric Acid
    Bowl Cleaner
    Brass, Copper, Silver, and Aluminum Polish 

Dupont's Glycolic acid has the following properties:

  • Efficient at penetrating and loosening concrete.
  • Highly effective calcium complexing agent.
  • Low to no corrosion on most metals and coatings. Significantly lower corrosion than hydrochloric acid based removers.
  • Active ingredient is readily biodegradable.
  • Glycolic Acid is found in natural products, such as fruits and vegetables.

Formulations With Phosphoric acids

  Copper Cleaner 
  Bathroom Cleaner
  Sanitizing Cleaner (Liquid) 
  Cement Remover, strong acidic
  Phosphating Solution
  Milkstone Remover 
  Metal Cleaner / Polish With Anti-Corrosive
  Brass, Copper, Silver, and Aluminum Polish

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