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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cleaners Chemical Formulations with 90%+ Water as Ingredients


The following cleaners chemical formulations contains water as majority ingredients (also included percentage of water).

90.00 -  95.62% water as ingredients

Superior Anti-Fog Glass Cleaner (95.62%)
Soap Scum Remover (90%)
Tub and Tile Cleaner with Odor Absorbant  (95.5%)
Boiler Cleaner (94%)
Antistatic Plastic Cleanser (93%)
Cleanser for Plastics, aqueous(93%)
Pet Cage Cleaner (92.4%)
Alkaline Truck Wash  (91%)
Anti-Fog / Antistatic Glass Cleaner   (90.7%)

 80.00 - 89.99% water as ingredients

Metal Cleaner / Polish With Anti-Corrosive (89.85%)
Multi-Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner (89.85%)
Spray and Wipe Cleaner (89.5%)
All-Surface household Cleaner (89.5%)
Cleaner for brushed Stainless Steel (86%)
Truck Wash (Liquid Type) (85%)
Car Wash Compound Liquid (88.4%)
Fuel Oil Tank Cleaner (83%)
Touchless Vehicle Wash (82.75%)
Tile and Grout Cleaner  (82.3%)
Fuel Oil (Bunker C) Tank Cleaner (82%)
Vinyl Sliding Cleaner  (82%)
Grease Remover for Stainless Steel (80%)
Carpet Cleaner Liquid  (80%)
70.00 - 79.99% water as ingredients

Auto Carpet Spot Cleaner (78.9%)
Bowl Cleaner (78%)
Multi-Purpose Cleaning Gel (77.6%)
Vegetable Oil Soap 2(76.3%)
Liquid Silver Cleaner (77.2%)
Alkali Metal Degreasing Bath (75%)
Bathroom Cleaner  (76.37%)
d-Limonene Alkaline Cleaner   (73.89)
Waterless Hand Cleaner - Liquid (73%)
Oven Cleaner (72.3%)
Traffic Film Remover (72%)
Oil Spot Remover (70%)

60.00 - 69.99% water as ingredients

Liquid Car Polish (69.75)
Liquid Cleanser 2 (69.7%)
Kitchen Gel Cleaner (69.39%)
Aluminum Cleaner - Low VOC (68.1%)
Alkaline Metal Cleaners (67%)
High Foam Car Wash (67%)
Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Chlorine Bleach (65.75%)
Carbon Steel Cleaner  (65.5%)
Vehicle Wash & Wax (65%)
d-Limonene Hand Cleaner (62.75%)
Liquid Cleanser with Bleach (62%)
Car Shampoo (61.5%)
Truck and Trailer Cleaners (61.4%)
Detergent for Touch-less Cleaning  (60.5%)

50.00 - 59.99% water as ingredients

Two Detergent-Resistant Auto Cleaner Polish (59%)
Medicated Hand Cleaner (57.5%)
Steam Cleaner, Non-Phosphate Concentrate (53.4%)
Electronic Precision Cleaner (50%)

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