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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

29 Vehicle Care Formulations: From windshield to wheels, from high foam to touchless cleaners


Car Shampoo

Powder Type:                                                   Liquid Type:

Car Wash Compound Powder                         Car Wash Compound Liquid 
Car Wash Detergent Powder                              Car Wash Shampoo                                                                         Car Shampoo
                                                                                                   Car Wash Concentrate

Truck and Trailer Cleaner

High Foam Cleaner

High Foam Car Wash

Touchless Cleaners
(cleaning without the use of brushes and chamois)

 Traffic Film Remover
(mixture of air-bourne, environmental fall-out and the grease picked up from the road)

Auto Cleaners Polish: 2 in 1

Vehicle Wax / Polish

Environment Friendly Products
(using biodegradable surfactants)

Vehicle Parts Formulations:

Windshield:                                                                Tire:

    Windshield Washer                                                White Wall Tire Cleaner
    Windshield Washer - Winter Use                          Tire Inflator
    Glass Cleaner                                                          Wheel Cleaner

Dash Board:                                                               Carpet Cleaner:

    Dash Board Care                                                   Auto Carpet Spot Cleaner

   Upholstery Cleaner

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