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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fragranced Urinal Block


% Wt
2.0 (max.)

Mix first three ingredients in order listed with constant agitation, allowing each to fully dissolve before adding the next ingredient. Combine stearyl alcohol and Cola ® Mid CMA and heat until just melted. Add the fragrance/ Cola ® Mulse Emultron PM blend to the melted ingredients and mix until homogeneous. Fill while warm into molds and allow to cool.

Meets State and Federal regulations governing VOC limits for solid air fresheners. Total VOC content is less than 2% (fragrance is exempt up to 2%).


The rate at which the block will dissolve is determined by the amount of Cola ®MulseEmultron PM and Cola ® Mid CMA in the formula.   Increasing Cola ®Mid CMA will increase the rate of dissolution; increasing Cola ® Mulse Emultron PM will cause more of an increase in solubility.  Do not decrease Cola ® Mulse Emultron PM below 2%,  but Cola ® Mid CMA may be decreased to a minimum of 5% to slow the rate at which the block dissolves.  Cola ® Mulse Emultron PM is the primary water-soluble emulsifier and ensures smooth, even dissolution, and with propylene glycol, prevents cracking.  Cetyl alcohol may be substituted for all or part of the stearyl alcohol to lower the melting point.  Thymol crystals may be melted into the solids phase for additional aromatic properties (1% to2% typically).

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