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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Alkali Thickener (high pH) for water-Based cleaning products.


Jaypol AT4 is a thickening agent that can increase the viscosity / thickens water-based cleaning products across a wide range of pH values and formulations.  This acrylic-based associative thickener gives thixotropic character to water based cleaning products and effectively boost viscosity in alkaline cleaners, including those containing non-hydrophilic ingredients.

[See Acid Thickeners]  

This hydrophobically modified alkali-swellable anionic alkaline thickener find uses in wood cleaners/polishes; fabric care; laundry pre-spotters, and other industrial and institutional cleaners.

[Other thickened formulations:  Thick Bowl CleanersThick Bleach Cleaner, Thick Truck Wash]

Kitchen Gel Cleaner Formulations

Ingredients % Wt.
D.I. Water 69.390
Alkali Thickener - Jaypol™ AT 4  3.000
Sodium hydroxide (NaCl 50% aq. solution) 2.400
Sodium hypochlorite (14% NaOCl active chlorine) 17.500
Sodium xylene sulfonate 40% 5.000
NEP Solvent 1.000
Polysorbate 20 0.760
Dye 0.150
Perfume/fragrance 0.100

This Jaypol AT4 and NEP Solvent are products of ISP and has manufacturing facility / supplier/ distributor n the following countries:

Argentina   Australia   Brazil   Bulgaria   Canada   Chile   China   Colombia   France   Germany   Hungary   India   Indonesia   Italy   Japan   Malaysia   Mexico   Philippines   Poland   Russia   Singapore   South Korea   Spain   Sweden   Taiwan   Thailand   Turkey   U.S.A.   Ukraine   United Kingdom   Venezuela   Vietnam

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