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Saturday, September 17, 2011

SqualAne or SqualEne: Moisturizer and hair conditioning agent


Squalene can be derived from shark liver oil in large quantities.  It can also be derived from olive oil (in smaller amounts), wheat germ oil, yeast and different foodstuffs.  Squalane is produce when you hydrogenate Squalene.
 Squalane or squalene act as:
  • lubricants on the skin surface which gives the skin soft, smooth appearance
  • hair conditioning agent 

[see cosmetic quality tip #1]

              Most squalane in cosmetic product is derived from olives.  Both squalane and squalene are used in formulating bath oils, hair products, eye make up, make up foundations, lipstick, suntan and sunscreen products, body powders, nail products, and skin care products like skin cleansing and moisturizing.

    Below is a sample formulation of skin moisturizer with squalane.

    [see cosmetic quality tip #2]

    Face Moisturizer with Squalane and Watermelon Extract

    Weight %
    Phase A
    Distilled Water (diluent)
    75 %
    Sodium PCA (humectant)     
    2 %
    Phase B
    CreamMaker Blend (emulsifier) 
    3 %
    Squalane (emollient)   
    5 %
    Isoeicosane (emollient)     
    6 %
    Cetyl Alcohol (thickener)     
    3 %
    Vitamin E Acetate (antioxidant) 
    1 %
    Phase C
    GelMaker EMU (thickener/emulsifier)   
    1 %
    Phase D
    Benzylalcohol/DHA (preservative)     
    0.8 %
    Watermelon Extract (antioxidant)     
    3 %
    Fragrance of you Choice (optional)     
    0.2 %

    [see Sea Salt Scrub for Normal to Dry Skin]

    Watermelon Extract is rich in Vitamin C and naturally occurring carbohydrates and amino acids. It supports the UV-stressed immune system of the skin and can be used to prevent photo-aging. This extract also helps to protect the skin from every day toxins and promotes cell-renewal. It is the perfect addition to skin care products.

    [  see Hair Dye with Henna ]

              Add phase A to a heat-resistant glass beaker and heat to 150F/65C.  Add phase B to another disinfected glass beaker and heat to the same temperature to melt the ingredients.  Add phase B to phase A and stir very well, remove from the heat. Stir continuously until the cream has a uniform consistency.  Add phase C to phase A/B to adjust the viscosity, stir very well until the cream looks uniform.  Cool to 100F/40C, and add phase D, stir again well. The cream can be filled into jars.  For all skin types.

              Moisturizer that contains squalane emollient that has a high affinity to skin cells due its skin-identical structure and is therefore well tolerated by the skin, it is present in human sebum at a level of about 10%, it is non-irritating and hypo-commedogenic. The active ingredient vitamin E acetate is a potent antioxidant and protects the skin from damages by reactive oxygen radicals and UV rays. Watermelon Extract is also a very good antioxidant and protects skin cells against daily stress induced by UV light and free radicals it reduces the break-down of DNA in human skin cells.

    [ see Clear Roll on Deodorant ]

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