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Friday, September 9, 2011

The don'ts in cosmetics making.


The following recommendations aims in producing high quality cosmetic product:
  • Don't buy cosmetic ingredients that are shown to be harsh and irritating to skin. Mild, natural and tested ingredients is better.
  • Don't buy cosmetic ingredients without proper labeling. The label must show the generic name, its composition and concentration. This is avoid purchasing low quality, highly diluted, and non-cosmetic ingredients.
  • Don't overdose. Some cosmetic ingredients can cause skin irritations when use at higher than normal concentrations.
  • Don't overheat your oils & other cosmetic ingredients. Thin oils have low flash point and are flammable at lower temperature. Some ingredients when overheated loose their effectivity. As general rule, it is better to add your active ingredients when your mixture has cooled down.
  • Don't make your cosmetic product too acidic or alkaline, for this can produce a poor product and cause skin irritation.  Optimal pH range is 5-7. a pH indicator can help you to check your pH.
  • Don't use the following ingredients:
          Prohibited or Highly Restricted
  1.  Hexachlorophene (preservative)    [ see allowed cosmetic preservatives - natural and synthetic]
  2. mercury compounds (preservative)
  3. chlorofluorocarbon (propellant)
  4. zirconium-containing complexes
  5. halogenated salicylanilides (di-, tri-, metabromsalan and tetrachloro-salicylanilide)
  6. bithionol
  7. chloroform
  8. vinyl chloride
  9. methylene chloride
         [See other formulations - Sea Salt Scrub | Hair Dye with Henna | All Day Perfume Gel | Roll On Deodorant |                                                            Refreshing Baby Cologne | Low Cost Baby Oil ]

           Unsafe Ingredients
  1. Chloroacetamide (preservative)
  2. ethoxyethanol and ethoxyethanol acetate (solvent)
  3. HC Blue No. 1 (hair coloring ingredient)
  4. p-hydroxy-anisole (antioxidant)
  5. 4-methoxy-m-phenylenediamine (hair dye ingredients)
  6. 4-methoxy-m-phenylenediamine HCl (hair dye ingredients)
  7. 4-methoxy-m-phenylenediamine sulfate (hair dye ingredients)
  8. pyrocatechol (used in hair dyes and skin care preparations)
  9. acetylethyl-tetramethyl-tetralin (AETT)
  10. musk ambrette
  11. 6-Methylcoumarin (6-MC)
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