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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hair Dye with Henna


Hair Dye with Henna

Weight %
Phase A
Distilled Water (diluent)
40.8 %
Glycerin (humectant)
5 %
Henna Powder (hair dye)
50 %
Phase B
Meadowfoame Seed Oil (emollient)
4 %
Citric Acid (acidulent)
0.2 %


Add the henna powder into a glass beaker, add slowly the distilled water and stir until it becomes a creamy thick paste, (if the consistency feels right to you, you don't have to use all of the distilled water or if you like it thinner add more water). Add the glycerin and stir. Then add phase B and stir well. The pH should be between 3-5, test pH with pH indicator strips. If pH is above 5 you can lower with citric acid.


Henna is a herbal pigment derived from the leaves of the shrub lawsonia Inermis. This color dye stays on the hair temporarily for 10-20 days. The henna paste is applied to the hair, then the hair is wrapped into a warm dampen towel or into another wrap and rinsed off after a certain time (max. 45 minutes). Short application will give a hue of color and longer application a more intense color. Before you start, mix a small amount of henna powder with water and apply to the skin for allergy testing, as you would with other hair dyes as well.

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