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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chemical Formulations E-Book 2009 Ready For Distributions


Chemical Formulations E-Book 
Issue 2009

 Donors check your email!

This e-book contains 53 chemical formulations.  It will be distributed to donors.  If you want a copy of E-Book 2009, please click this

Table of Contents - Chemical Formulations E-Book 2009

1. Alkaline Scale Inhibitor
2. Ammonia-Free Floor Stripper
3. Antistatic Plastic Cleanser
4. Aqueous Odor Absorber
5. Aqueous Odor Absorber, concentrate
6. Asphalt Remover
7. Boiler cleaner
8. Bug Insecticide
9. Care gel for suede
10. Cement Remover, strong acidic
11. Cleaner for brushed Stainless Steel
12. Cleanser for Plastics, aqueous
13. Dairy and Food Process Cleaner
14. Dash Board Care
15. Diaper Wipe
16. Electronic Presicion Cleaner
17. Emulsion Cleaner Concentrate
18. Ethanol Solid Fuel Gel/Fire Starter
19. Fabric Water Repellent
20. Fine Brass Polish
21. Floor Cleaner
22. Foam marker concentrates, high viscosity
23. Foam marker concentrates, Low Viscosity
24. Furniture Care, Antistatic Trigger Spray
25. Grease Remover for Stainless Steel
26. Grill Cleanser
27. High Brillance Plastic Care Agent
28. High Pressure Window Cleanser
29. Hotel Linen Detergent
30. Leather Cleaner
31. Lice Shampoo
32. Liquid Cleanser 2
33. Liquid Cleanser with Bleach
34. Low Solvent Degreaser
35. Low-foaming Floor Cleanser, highly concentrated
36. Microwave Exterior Cleaner
37. Oil Spot Remover
38. Oven Cleaner
39. Paint Brush Cleaner (Oil Based Paint)
40. Shoe Cleaner - Aerosol (foam)
41. Shoe Polish, gel
42. Soak Tank Cleaners
43. Soap Scum Remover
44. Steam Cleaner 2, Powder
45. Steam Cleaner, Non-Phosphate Concentrate
46. Steam/Spray Liquid
47. Sunflower and Sweet Almond Blend Massage Oil
48. Two Detergent-Resistant Auto Cleaner Polish
49. Water Pump Rust Preventive Lubricant
50. Waterless Hand Cleaner - Liquid
51. Wax Conditioner
52. Windshield Washer
53. Windshield Washer - Winter Use

Free download link expired. But you can still get the eBook.


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