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Monday, December 6, 2010

Anti-Fog / Antistatic Glass Cleaner


 Anti-Fog / Antistatic Glass Cleaner

A butyl-free glass cleaner, this Anti-Fog / Antistatic Glass Cleaner utilizes Crodasinic LS-30 to enhance wetting and cleaning performance without leaving a smearable deposit. This non-streaking performance is vastly superior to that of systems which employ sodium lauryl ether sulfate or ethoxylated alcohol surfactant systems. Crodaquat 1207 is a water-soluble cationic anti-static agent which is also a non-streaking in use. The combination of Crodaquat 1207 with Crodasinic LS-30 has an added benefit- providing an invisible film which resists fogging.

Isopropyl alcohol, 99%4.0
Arcosolv PM4.0
Fragrance, dyeq.s.

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CRODASINIC LS-30 and CRODAQUAT 1207 are products of CRODA, and has manufacturer / supplier / distributor in the following countries:

Argentina | Australia | Brazil | Canada | Chile | China | Colombia | France | Germany | India | Indonesia | Italy | Japan | Mexico | Poland | Russia | Singapore | South Korea | Spain | Sweden | Thailand | U.S.A. | United Kingdom
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