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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wrinkle Reducing Spray


Is an effective formulation suitable for reducing fabric wrinkles. Unlike other formulations based upon glycerine or fatty quaternaries, this formulation contains Incromectant AQ, a short chain quaternary that will cause no fabric yellowing or rewet problems. Incromectant AQ is a powerful antistatic agent tat effectively removes static charges promoting wrinkle resistance. Incromectant AQ is also three times more hyroscopic than glycerine thus allowing the fabric to remain hydrated and, therefore, less prone to wrinkling.

Ingredients                               % Weight

Water                                       89
Ethanol, SDA-40                         10
Incromectant AQ                          1
Frarance, dye, preservative         q.s.

Appearance:        Clear, colorless liquid
pH (as is):        5.0
Weight/gallon:        8.1 lbs.

Add items in the order listed with agitation insuring each ingredients is fully dispersed prior to adding the next.

Use Directions:
Test fabric for color fastness by first applying the product in an inconspicuous area. Apply undiluted product by a trigger spray to fabric until slightly damp. Smooth out wrinkles on treated area. Let dry at room temperature.
Incromectant AQ  is a product of CRODA, and has manufacturer / supplier / distributor in the following countries:

Argentina | Australia | Brazil | Canada | Chile | China | Colombia | France | Germany | India | Indonesia | Italy | Japan | Mexico | Poland | Russia | Singapore | South Korea | Spain | Sweden | Thailand | U.S.A. | United Kingdom

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