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Monday, September 20, 2010

Vinyl Sliding Cleaner


Is a pressure washer detergent that is effective in the removal of soot and light soils from vinyl slidings. Procetyl AWS is a unique alkoxylated surfactant that provides for the quick emulsification of oils. Crodaquat TES is a powerful anti-static agent that breaks the electrostatic bonds keeping soils in place on the sliding.

Ingredients                    % by Weight

Water                                  82

Metso Pentabeads 20              2

Versene 100                         10

Crodaquat TES                        1

Procetyl AWS                          2

Arcosolve DPnP                       3

Fragrance, dye                     q.s.


Add ingredients in the order listed, insuring that each is fully dispersed before adding the next.

Crodaquat TES is a product of CRODA and has manufacturer / supplier / distributor of main ingredients in the following countries:

Argentina | Australia | Brazil | Canada | Chile | China | Colombia | France | Germany | India | Indonesia | Italy | Japan | Mexico | Poland | Russia | Singapore | South Korea | Spain | Sweden | Thailand | U.S.A. | United Kingdom

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