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Monday, April 26, 2010

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Gel


This formulation demonstrates the benefits of the Novethix™* L-10 polymer in a multi-purpose cleaning gel. The system is designed to leave no streaks or residue on surfaces. The polymer provides efficient thickening with shear-thinning rheology. It imparts unique flow properties which allows for controlled product delivery and increased contact time with the surface being cleaned.

Ingredients                                                                         % Weight        Function


Deionized Water                                                                      77.60             Diluent

Acrylic Emulsion Polymer (30 wt% TS)

Novethix™ L-10 Polymer                                                             2.00             Rheology modifier

Triethanolamine                                                                         4.00             Neutralizing amine

Myristylamine Oxide (25 wt% TS)Ammonyx® M                          12.00             Surfactant

Ethanol                                                                                     3.00             Solvent (solubilizer)

Sodium Ethylenediamine Tetra-methylene

Phosphonate (31 wt% TS) Sequion D30                                      0.50             Chelating agent


Parmetol® D11                                                                          0.05              Preservative

Fragrance Clean Blue 225732                                                     0.50              Fragrance

FD&C Blue No. 1 (0.1 wt% TS)                                                    0.35              Dye


1. Add Novethix™ L-10 Polymer to deionized water with mixing.

2. Add ingredients in order to the batch with mixing.

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