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Friday, April 16, 2010

Alcohol Sanitizing Gel


Ingredients                                            Wt. %
Deionized Water                                39.65
Carbopol® EZ-2 Polymer                       0.25
Ethanol                                             60.00
4. 2-amino-1-propanol, AMP-Ultra™ **    0.10

Carbopol®* EZ-2 polymer imparts vertical cling and increased contact time for this sanitizer formulation. In addition, the rheology modifier provides appropriate flow properties for either spray or squeeze bottle packaging. These features increase the performance of the formulation and provide convenience to the consumer.

  1. Sprinkle the Carbopol® EZ-2 polymer onto the surface of the deionized water. Allow the polymer to self-wet (within 15-20 minutes) as evidenced by no white powder visible on the water surface.
  2. 2. Slowly add the ethanol with gentle mixing. Allow as much air to escape as possible before proceeding.

  3. 3. Add the 2-amino-1-propanol with gentle sweeping motion to minimize air entrapment. Mix until uniform.

**The following are alternative neutralizing agents recommended for use in this application. The use of one of these amine neutralizers is critical. Sodium hydroxide or TEA will precipitate the Carbopol® EZ-2 polymer and no viscosity build will be observed.

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