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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vegetable Oil Soap


Vegetable Oil Soap is a concentrated floor cleaner made from a vegetable derived soap. This product is ideal for cleaning wood cabinets and wood floors as well as non-wood surfaces. The potassium salt of CRODASINIC C lowers the Kraft point of the formulation and allows for high soap concentrations without product gelling. The combination of INCROMINE OXIDE C and CRODASINIC C works synergistically in providing superior surface tension reduction and improved hard surface cleaning.

Vegetable Oil Soap                                              Starting Point Formulation

Ingredients% by weight
Watersoy bean oil76.3
Caustic potash, 45%Caustic Potash image
Westvaco L5Tall Oil Fatty Acid11.0
Citric AcidCitric Acid Image1.6
Caustic potash, 45%Caustic Potash imageq.s. to pH 10 - 11

Add the first five items in the order listed with agitation. Allow each ingredient to
disperse completely before adding the next item. Adjust product pH to 10-11
with caustic potash liquid. Add the INCROMINE OXIDE C with agitation and mix
until uniform.

Incromide Oxide C and Crodasinic C are products of CRODA and has manufacturer / supplier / distributor in the following countries:
Argentina | Australia | Brazil | Canada | Chile | China | Colombia | France | Germany | India | Indonesia | Italy | Japan | Mexico | Poland | Russia | Singapore | South Korea | Spain | Sweden | Thailand | U.S.A. | United Kingdom
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