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Sunday, December 20, 2009

What is Surfadone LP-100?


What is Surfadone LP-100 (N-Octyl-2-Pyrrolidone)?
Image Surfadone LP-100N-alkyl pyrrolidones are unique surfactants with solvent capabilities, representing a major advance in surfactant technology.  The combination of a hydrophilic pyrrolidone head group with a hydrophobic alkyl chain provides multi-functional performance benefit in surface activity, solvency, affinity with anionics and complexing ability, offering unique possibilities  for the formulation of products for a wide variety of Household, Industrial, and Industrial applications.

Surfadone LP-100 is use as surfactant and wetting agent in the following fabric softener formula:  Liquid Fabric Softener, Fabric Softener 2,  and Fabric Softener 3


• Soil penetrant and softener in hard surface cleaners, laundry prespotters and metal cleaning.
• Wetting agent for dishwashing, industrial and institutional cleaners.
• Isopropyl alcohol replacement in fountain solutions.
• Solvent for polymers and hydrophobic substances.
• Pigment dispersion aid and pigment conditioning solvent.
• Component of photoresist strippers.
• Wetting agent for aqueous systems.
• Component in microemulsifying systems.


Surfadone® LP-100 is a low foaming, nonionic rapid wetting agent with an HLB of 6 having no critical micelle concentration (CMC). Due to the electron delocalized lactam ring, Surfadone® LP-100 interacts with anionic surfactant micelles. This greatly enhances its water solubility, resulting in a synergistic surface tension reduction and wetting enhancement at low
Source:   ISP


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