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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Commercial and Domestic Fabric Softener Quaternary: Adogen 442


adogen 442 imageWhat is Adogen 442?

Adogen® 442 a quaternary ammonium compounds for use in fabric softener rinse formulations in both commercial and domestic laundry applications.  ADOGEN 442 is a general using cationic surfactant and it is used in low solid content surfactants usually. It can make fibers and fabrics good softening feel even in low quantity. Its strongly cationic function can make it absorbed ion fibers. ADOGEN 442 can scatter in warm water and prevent static electricity for cotton and synthetic fibers.


INCI-Name:  Quaternium 18


• Imparts Premium Softness of Fabrics and Textiles
• Good Anti-Static Properties for Cotton and Synthetic Fibres

Chemical and Physical Properties 
(not part of specifications)

Appearance @ 25°C (77°F)                 Solid
Color                                              White to slightly yellow
Quaternary                                      74-77%
pH Value (5%)                                  6-9
Water                                             9% average
IPA                                                15% average

Applications : 

Adogen® 442 is generally deemed to be the most efficient type of chemical for the preparation of home and commercial laundry softeners. Use level as low as 0.05% based on the weight of the fabrics provides excellent softening. Adogen® 442 provides a “slick” hand, compared to the “dry” hand of other fabric softener raw materials.

This ingredient is use in formulating:  Fabric Softener 1, Fabric Softener 2



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