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Monday, July 7, 2008

What is sodium metasilicate pentahydrate?


CAS Registry Number: 010213-79-3

Synonyms: Sodium Metasilicate (2); Silicic acid, Disodium Salt, pentahydrate; Sodium-m-Silicate; Orthosil; Disodium metasilicate; Disodium Monosilicate; Waterglass; Disodium trioxosilicate


Mainly used in making high efficiency detergent and metal cleaner. Instead of STPP, it can raise cleaning efficiency and reduce environment pollution, provides excellent alkaline buffer, corrosion prevention for metal (i.e. Zinc, Aluminum), and function of softening water. Mainly used as aids of washes detergent improver and metal cleaner.

  • Pinoychem Formulations with sodium metasilicate.
  1. Spray Metal Cleaner
  2. Automatic Liquid Dishwash Detergent
  3. Laundry Detergent
  4. Alkaline Metal Cleaner
  5. Food Industry Cleaner - Liquid
  6. Degreaser Concentrate
  7. Alkaline Cleaner
  8. Food Industry Cleaner Powder
  9. De-oiling Liquid Concentrate
  10. Fuel Oil Tank Cleaner
  11. Carbon Steel Cleaner
  12. Carpet Cleaner - Powder
  13. Aircraft Cleaner
  14. CIP Cleaner
  15. Concrete Cleaner
  16. Car Wash Compound Powder
  17. Fuel Oil Tank Cleaner
  18. Milk Can Cleaner
  19. Egg Cleaner
  20. Carpet Cleaner - Liquid
  21. Baking Pan Cleaner
  22. Destainer
  23. Engine Cleaner
  24. Steam Cleaner Powder
  25. CIP Cleaner 2
  26. Degreaser
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